blog log

Blogs are hard, or at least they are for me.  I've started and stopped. Started again (briefly) and stopped. I am not sure what's happened. Perhaps I never got in the habit. Perhaps I was worried about what other people would think.  Or perhaps I just didn't care enough to write anything down.

But for now I am taking this opportunity to have a landing page for my thoughts, however random or wonderful or odd they may be.  I don't plan to win a lit award, be a top blogger with my favorite fashion finds (although I might ramble a few times on my online shopping browsing), or even make sense. But I am ready to do something. 

I promised myself that 29 would be my year. Well I am pretty sure that won't happen unless I actually take action, and give a shit about something. Consider this a turtle step in the right direction.

So get ready for nothing, but everything to me. I will try to be vulnerable, to be consistent and hopefully laugh my way through most of it. You'll come to find laughter can help you get through anything. It feels authentic and it feels light even in the heaviest of moments.

I want to laugh for all of it.