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New Orleans - April 2018



NOLA is something else. I can't put my finger on it. It has a vibrancy that is unlike any other city I have been to. It also carries a calm, stoic sadness that it can't shake. I found it to be incredibly small when I arrived. There were only so many areas that I knew to explore. This was in part due to poor planning and a last minute ticket. 

Would I go back? Absolutely. I think every city needs an introduction and a follow-up. I would definitely stay in the garden district again and check out more live music. The city is bustling with creativity and I felt like I only skimmed the surface of what it had to offer. 

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my Do's + Dont's

Do book for a weekend where music is involved. 

Don't book on a weekend that is holding a WWE convention. 

Do try multiple beignet joints. 

Don't expect to eat all of them. They are FILLING. 

Do walk around everywhere - you get a better view of the neighborhoods and a day in the life. 

Don't be too prideful about it. If it is raining, hail a cab. It is not worth looking like a wet dog. 

Do check out the weather before arrival and pack accordingly! 

Don't expect this weather pattern to hold up. Anything can happen, from thunderstorms to blistering heat. 

Do take a tour of the nearby plantations. 

Don't take an uber there. Take the designated tour buses. Otherwise you WILL be stranded with no way home and will have to MacGyver your way out of it. (It was kind of fun to be stupid and clever at the same time).



where: 3 days in New Orleans 

when: April 2018

who: N + Shawna!

why: Shawna had a conference there + I am still not working + i’ve never been and have heard the BEST things 



✓depart for New Orleans in the morning.

✓ check-in @ Hyatt New Orleans. This hotel is known to be the hotel for conventions. It was huge. My room was pretty depressing. No natural light and overlooked an exterior staircase. The AC also did not work. I requested a room change and they ended up putting me in a city view room on the 33rd floor. Lesson: always ask for a room change if you are unhappy. It is worth the better night's sleep and comfort. I probably wouldn't stay here again - no warmth or individuality to it. 

✓ Explore the French Quarter. Only needed to do this once but we did it about 4x because we didn't know what we were doing :) 

✓ Eat a beignet (or 3). 

Check out some live music. 

✓ Walk along the Mississippi river. 

Try some classic gumbo. 

✓ Shop till I drop. I didn't find shopping to be all that interesting. Although everyone was hospitable and kind. I found 2 knockout dresses from 2 local shops. So I was a happy camper. 


Sign up for a Cemetery tour. 

✓ Walk the Garden district. 

✓ Get my hair done. I had forgotten to wash my hair prior to the trip and it was starting to show. I booked a spot at a local Aveda salon. NEVER AGAIN. Those products never work with my hair, and the stylist was clueless. I had to literally put in all the product myself. She had the audacity to want to start combing out my curls when my hair was dry! 

✓ Walk to the French Market. 

Check out local ramen @ Kin This was recommended by a friend which I found peculiar due to the cuisine at hand. But I came to read that the I didn't get a chance to go there, but will check out it next time. 


✓ check-in @ Pontchartrain hotel. Lovely hotel with a live music and a rooftop bar with beautiful views of the city. Rooms were classic with old-school bathrooms. Request a room facing the city and on floors 9 or higher. 

Note: Grab a coffee at their cafe before heading out. You MUSt get their $6 blueberry muffin. The price is absurd but the pastry is tasty. 

Plantation Tour

Check out coffee shops through town. 

Check out carousel bar. 

Check out live music @. Sad I missed this! It's a must from every local I spoke to. 


✓ depart for San Francisco. Chose a 6a flight. Why? Because I enjoy punishing myself. 





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