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MEXICO CITY - Feb 2018


Mexico City was everything i wanted and more. i fell in love with everything it had to offer: the food, the vibrant architecture, the charismatic locals, the variety of neighborhoods, the extremely cheap uber rides, the city vibe, the countless tree-lined streets. it is a quick flight from SFO (right around 4h) and very easy to navigate from the airport. each neighborhood had its own life wanting you to explore every one. i felt enveloped by the culture and the constant flow of people and their country pride. i would go every month if i could because they city felt so large and i felt so small (but in a beautiful way). there was so much to explore and so little time. my beloved got food poisoning immediately upon arrival (from United food not Mexico) so our explorations were limited but special. I'd recommend booking dinner reservations early, as well as tickets for the Frida home museum. i only skimmed the surface of the art scene and look forward to going back to explore more!



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my Do's + Dont's

Do spend time researching places to eat. 

Don't spend time at the last minute to do it - you need to make reservations early. 

Do check out more than the neighborhood you're staying in. 

Don't forget to check out the neighborhood you're staying in. There's usually 5+ places you'll miss because there are a bajillion places to see. 

Do find a hotel that is high in design and low in number of rooms (we stayed in a 3 bedroom hotel). 

Don't mind that there won't be as many amenities. This will get you out to explore more. 

Do eat everything that looks inspiring to you. 

Don't feel bad that you can't finish everything that inspires you. A few bites each also works. VARIETY is key.

Do take ubers everywhere (they're dirt cheap!)

Don't ride bikes - unless are okay with adventure and nearly getting run over. Every 8 minutes. 

Do buy local.

Don't forget to remember the conversion rate - you may be spending more or less than you think. 

Do indulge in a drink daily. You're on vacation! 

Don't do the same drink daily - mix it up! Margarita, rose, cerveza, cerveza in the form of ice cream. The world is your oyster. 

Do take photos of the architecture - it is bright, detailed, and different. 

Don't try to be an architect - more on that later :) 


where: 3 days in Mexico City

when: February 2018

who: L + N

why: easy direct flights + early vday + very reasonable pricing + heard beautiful things about the city + tired of traveling to beach towns over mountains + i am always down for delicious food


✓ check-in @ hotel in Alcobas at 8:30p: this hotel is a 35 room luxury collection. Each room has high-tech  appointments and a toto toilet (yas!). Located in Polanco it boasts great shopping and restaurants right outside our door. Breakfast is included and is DELICIOUS. I’d definitely stay her again for a night or two, but would probably move to a different neighborhood for the remainder of the trip. It is hit or miss on pricing. 

✓ casual dinner close to hotel @ Comer Jacinta. Great place for fun drinks and a lively atmosphere. Waiters were attentive and price was just right. Food was also a wonderful surprise. Definitely get the bone marrow sopas. 

- ice cream @ Gelatoscopio

✓ drinks @ Jule’s basement. Fun, weird bar behind a meat locker door. It wa not my scene. Limited seating and music was too loud. I’m lame. 


✓ coffee run @ ny coffee. Cute atmosphere but uses an automatic machine with pretty weak beans. However It’s a paerfect stop on your way to museums.

 ✓ unplanned pastry stop @ Esperanza moliere. Holy guacamole was this a ally surprise. Stumbled upon it and ended up buying pastries to last the entire trip. Fun to just roam the rows of sweet rolls. 

✓ check out soumaya. Gorgeous exterior and approachable exhibits. It’s also free! 

✓ check out hilltop castle. Lovely view of the city and takes you back to Europe. Highly recommend as a start to your trip to get you inspired and get all the feels. Precocious squirrel sittings on your walk up - if you have snacks with you they’ll eat out of the palm of your hands. 

✓ lunch @ Contramar at 11a. Must go. Grab a tostada sampler of the tuna and daily specials. Whole fish was tasty but i was already too full to appreciate it. You can’t go wrong with nearly anything on the menu. I was also skeptical of fig tart but it’s pretty damn delicious as well. 

- zonamaco art festival or San Angel art market

✓ walk around Roma + Condesa: Condesa Hotel, shops, parquet México, coffee, ice cream, markets. Meandering the streets was my favorite thing. Could not get enough - too much to see. 

 ✓ try a traditional quesadilla @ Maria Isabel. Holy fuck this was perfect

✓ fancy dinner @ Lorea at 8:30p. Great meal but lacking fun hustle and bustle. chef will talk to each table which is a nice addition. Enjoyed the snacks the most. 

- drinks @ xaman bar 



✓ coffee run @

✓drop off bags @ ValiseThis was the most design oriented hotel I have been to. Three rooms total and all exquisite. We stayed in La Luna, which had a large swivel moon between the living and bedroom.

- traditional breakfast @ Fonda Margarita at 7a / 8a (Bourdain favorite)

✓Frida Kahlo museum @ 10:30a (purchased) (and) Diego Rivera museum.

✓ explore old town, go to mercado. nibble on insects? worth the experience but i didn't enjoy the insects. i love weird consistencies but these were awful. 

- late afternoon meal @ Limosneros @ 3:30p 

✓ Cathedral, house of tiles. LOVED. beautiful pieces of art. 

✓ sunset @ Downtown @ 6:30p. I would stay here for one night next time. The rooftop terrace was gorgeous, great energy, delicious drinks and a fun pool scene. 

✓ churros @ el Moroholy crap were these good. we waited in line for 45 minutes and it was so worth it. Chewy and crispy and everything in between. you can get value meals of churros AND a shake for $5 - um a perfect combo. 

✓ drinks @ Limantour


✓ pastries @ Rosetta. Yum. If you have time eat at the counter and soak in the croissants, butter and coffee. i ordered a tarragon sweet roll - weird and wonderful. 

✓ go to Teotihuacan @ 6a in hot air balloon (weather permitting). 




boutique read up on it here


middle of the road





Polanco - fancy 

Roma / Condesa - creative / hipster 

Downtown - old school / classic

San Angel - charming, art + cobblestone streets 


Art + Activities

Franz Mayer  

Frida Kahlo 


Art festival 

bike for free on Sundays 





Food + Drink


mercado de San Juan - insects and fresh everything! Worthy spectical. 

tacos -

quesadillas  - “Para ir comiendo” take it with you

street food 



out of main drag -

sushi -

classic mexican -

fancy -

pujol, top restaurant in world -



churros -

ice cream - or Nomada



good read

bar w. views -

bar w. plants

classic bar

deposit bar

(Apparently 14th) best in the world -




fabrica social

Lago DF

Carmen Rion