dressed to remember

everyone has their own way of remembering - photographs, journals, facebook. i remember mine through dresses. 

you see, i always can remember how i was feeling and who i was feeling that feeling with in a dress. they have such a feminine quality to them - they can accentuate you in all the right aways. they can be subtle sexy to downright revealing. they make you want dress up and strut and give you a confidence no other piece of clothing can do in my opinion. they make you feel all the feels. i have always been fond of dresses since a young age, which i imagine is surprising to many as i don't wear dresses often, or i go through phases of loving and hating them. perhaps i also went through phases of loving and hating my life, or perhaps that is just being dramatic. but what i do know is that i have a hard time letting go of dresses that have meant something to me - even if they don't fit me. 

first, you have my graduation dresses from every stage of my life: 8th grade, high school, college. Each had a very different stories.

I always needed to have a dress that was different from the pack - no one could have my  dress, therefore I went all the way to Australia to find my dress for 8th grade. It was a cream, velvet bow number that was strapless, which wasn't allowed so we ended up adding custom gold straps. Diva much? i ended up using my mom's 40th birthday dress (gorgeous pink tibi dress) for my high school graduation dress because my original dress broke 15 minutes we had to leave (not impressed at all BCBG). Oh, and then there was my college grad dress that was previously used on the TLC show, Four Weddings. One of the brides of the show who desperately needed a green dress for the taping and convinced me to buy my dress and then she'd ship it back to me once she was done with it. My dress was famous - except that my contestant lost on the show.  

then you have my dresses through relationships, my jobs, and everything in-between:

- my french connection butterfly dress with an SF fling

- my madewell blue cutout floral dress that made it through first dates and messy hook-ups

- my black linen dress with structural details that looks good at any size I become.

- my ombre shirtdress that i found on my 2 hour lunch break that i frequently took. sweetest store owner ever. go there - LEGION

- my wedding dress. It is actually 3 separates: a beautifully beaded scalloped bodysuit with tulle bows, a satin skirt, and a chiffon cape. GOD i loved this combo. LOHO bride was magic. 

i also have dresses from each trip i've taken alone, with my friends, or with my hubby, all hailing from local designers. it has been a fun habit that I will continue to do.

A few of my favorites: 

  • buenos aires - black organza lace sheer dress; funky with flare that I can wear with high waisted jeans or a black slip. 
  • milwaukee - a polka dot dress from the 80s that i bought with my mother-in-law. It has an awkward hemline, a quirky pattern but it just works. 
  • mexico city - a gorgeous blue linen dress with a plunging neckline. 
  • paris - a blue and white heart-printed silk dress that screams spring oui oui!
  • berlin - TBD, but I know i'll find it on my next trip there in May! This is proof that it will happen. 
  • cabo - a local mumu from the town of San Jose de Cabo that is now a staple on beach trips. 
  • new york city -  kimono-inspired 3-tiered velvet masterpiece. Sounds overdone but in all the right ways. 
  • palm springs - colorblock dvf dress from the outlets. Vibrant just like the city. 

Dresses will never go out of style + they make me incredibly happy. Keeping this tradition alive.