mexico city notes

MEXICO CITY - Feb 2018



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✓ check-in @ hotel in Alcobas at 8:30p: this hotel is a 35 room luxury collection. Each room has high-tech  appointments and a toto toilet (yas!). Located in Polanco it boasts great shopping and restaurants right outside our door. Breakfast is included and is DELICIOUS. I’d definitely stay her again for a night or two, but would probably move to a different neighborhood for the remainder of the trip. It is hit or miss on pricing

✓ casual dinner close to hotel @ Comer Jacinta. Great place for fun drinks and a lively atmosphere. Waiters were attentive and price was just right. Food was also a wonderful surprise. Definitely get the bone marrow sopas. 

- ice cream @ Gelatoscopio

✓ drinks @ Jule’s basement. Fun, weird bar behind a meat locker door. It wa not my scene. Limited seating and music was too loud. I’m lame. 


✓ coffee run @ ny coffee. Cute atmosphere but uses an automatic machine with pretty weak beans. However It’s a paerfect stop on your way to museums.

 ✓ unplanned pastry stop @ Esperanza moliere. Holy guacamole was this a ally surprise. Stumbled upon it and ended up buying pastries to last the entire trip. Fun to just roam the rows of sweet rolls. 

✓ check out soumaya. Gorgeous exterior and approachable exhibits. It’s also free! 

✓ check out hilltop castle. Lovely view of the city and takes you back to Europe. Highly recommend as a start to your trip to get you inspired and get all the feels. Precocious squirrel sittings on your walk up - if you have snacks with you they’ll eat out of the palm of your hands. 

✓ lunch @ Contramar at 11a. Must go. Grab a tostada sampler of the tuna and daily specials. Whole fish was tasty but i was already too full to appreciate it. You can’t go wrong with nearly anything on the menu. I was also skeptical of fig tart but it’s pretty damn delicious as well. 

- zonamaco art festival or San Angel art market

✓ walk around Roma + Condesa: Condesa Hotel, shops, parquet México, coffee, ice cream, markets 

 ✓ try a traditional quesadilla @ Maria Isabel. Holy fuck this was perfect

✓ fancy dinner @ Lorea at 8:30p. Great meal but lacking fun hustle and bustle. chef will talk to each table which is a nice addition. Enjoyed the snacks the most. 

- drinks @ xaman bar 



✓ coffee run @

✓drop off bags @ Valise

- traditional breakfast @ Fonda Margarita at 7a / 8a (Bourdain favorite)

✓Frida Kahlo museum @ 10:30a (purchased) (and) Diego Rivera museum 

✓ explore old town, go to mercado. nibble on insects?

- late afternoon meal @ Limosneros @ 3:30p 

✓ Cathedral, house of tiles

✓ sunset @ Downtown @ 6:30p

✓ churros @ el Moro 

✓ drinks @ Limantour


✓ pastries @ Rosetta. Yum. If you have time eat at the counter and soak in the croissants, butter and coffee. i ordered a tarragon sweet roll - weird and wonderful. 

✓ go to Teotihuacan @ 6a in hot air balloon (weather permitting). 





boutique read up on it here


middle of the road





Polanco - fancy 

Roma / Condesa - creative / hipster 

Downtown - old school / classic

San Angel - charming, art + cobblestone streets 


Art + Activities

Franz Mayer  

Frida Kahlo 


Art festival 

bike for free on Sundays 





Food + Drink


mercado de San Juan - insects and fresh everything! Worthy spectical. 

tacos -

quesadillas  - “Para ir comiendo” take it with you

street food 



out of main drag -

sushi -

classic mexican -

fancy -



churros -

ice cream - or Nomada



good read

bar w. views -

bar w. plants

classic bar

deposit bar

(Apparently 14th) best in the world -






japan notes

i've realized this is a great landing page for all of my trip itineraries - and it will be the first time I've probably saved my notes :) Our trip to Japan and the Philippines was short, silly, (not-so) sexy, and quite sweet. i seem to enjoy packing everything in short stints - it keeps things interesting and you get to explore plenty of places without the mere thought of getting bored. 

Below you can find my list of things I wanted to do, what was actually checked off the list (+ notes) and what I'd recommend moving forward.

this was one of my favorite trips - not because I thought Japan was the bee's knees like everyone else seems to believe (it really wasn't my favorite), but because I was able to explore with my partner and learn to roll with the punches when things were out of our control. Some days were definitely better than others, but all of them were memorable 🙈


my Do's + Dont's


Don't plan a trip that requires hot and cold weather clothes.

Do pack a good weather jacket no matter what. 

Don't expect to jive with the culture if your'e not used to it.

Do try and embrace the culture for what it is.

Don't pack your day with things that you're supposed to do.

Do plan activities that excite you. 

Don't eat everything. 

Do eat often. 

Don't expect anyone to say no, but rather "it's very difficult".

Do push for a more direct response, but be polite!

Don't expect to always plan well. 

Do plan to be flexible. 

Don't get on social media the entire trip showing off to yo friends.

Do take photos to remember the blissful moments. 


where: 4 days in Japan + 4 days in Philippines

when: Dec 2017 / January 2018

who: L + N

why: found a cheap direct flight + heard amazing things about Japan + L wanted beach time and I wanted anything that felt like winter in winter

Japan in 4 days

my summary:  i would recommend going a little later in the year. It was too cold for us, or just pack better thehn we did. However new years was beautiful. It is considered the largest holiday in japan and focused more on family + reflection than partying. Nice change of pace.

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3 days in Tokyo



✓ Prince Gallery Hotel: $$$

high tech room with great views, however in quiet part of town, perhaps finance district, so it did not feel lively at night. Concierge was also lackluster. 

- Park Hyatt: $$$$

- Capsule Hotel: $ I wanted to stay at a capsule hotel so bad, but since we'd be separated by gender we decided to skip. 9Hours looks great - clean, cheap and they have a location at the airport for ease of travel. 


Museums + Art + Activities

✓  Fish market: it was an amazing experience and recommend getting there early to see the set-up. Went the last weekend it was opening before moving.

✓ Ginza shopping: fancy fun. Didn't spend enough time here. 

✓ Shibuya Crossing (famous walking district); underwhelming, but still fun to walk. 

✓ Harojuku area: overwhelming in a great way. dessert vendors every 15m. ladies everywhere. general happiness from everyone. Get a Pablo tart or a happy pancake. highly recommended. Expect to wait in lines everywhere. 

- Mori Art Museum

- Ramen museum

✓ Meji Jingu Temple: extremely crowded, but beautiful. Close to harojuku district so you get too very different vibes. 

✓ Mikimoto pearls in Ginza: can easily get at airport (which we ended up doing), so no need to go to store. 


Food + drink

- coffee + matcha: not sure how I didn't accomplish this yet.

- new york bar @ Park Hyatt: heard great thing about this bar, but it didn't seem that exciting to me via photos. 

Bar Tramfelt like SF, so good but nothing special. pretty sure everyone in SF googled where to go and followed the NYT list. 

- Sushi Ko Sushi

- Fu Unji Ramen (get there at 5p)

- Sushi Bar Yasuda - send request 

✓ Robot Cafe: too touristy for me

✓Golden Gai (Albatross if you're lucky): a must, although it felt americanized. the streets were littered with people and the sweetest small bars. Hard to choose just one. 

✓vending machines: LOVED. had hot coffee options at every single one, and they were tasty. And they were in very obscure locations. Do these things make money?!

1 day in Kyoto 



- Solaria Nishitetsu 

Ryotei Ryokon: i don't know if i would stay here again. it wasn't clear that you had to reserve a time for dinner before you check-in therefore when we got there at 7p they would not serve us, and all restaurants were closed because of the new year. thank goodness we found a delicious 

- Suiran 


Museum + Art + Attractions

- monkey park

✓ shrines: hella busy with everyone and their parents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, friends. but everything we witnessed was gorgeous. 


Food + Drink

4 days in the Philippines

my summary: it was technically supposed to be dry season but there was a typhoon warning so we were stuck on Palawan (in El Nido) for 2 days . El Nido has limited accommodations and activities so it felt like we were stuck for a month. After talking to a number of locals it sounds like the weather is unpredictable, so don't get disappointed if you don't see sun or get to go island hopping (which is the #1 tourist attraction).

But in general, the Philippines are gorgeous and the people are the kindest folk i've come across - gracious and full of positive vibes. I'd definitely go back fro better weather and island hopping - the beaches looked gorgeous (from afar) with countless adventures. 

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1 day in Manila


The Peninsula

✓ The Conrad if you want to be near the water and the action. Boardwalk immediately outside the hotel.


Museums + Art + Activities

Casino heaven 


Food + Drink


3 days in Palawan



✓ Cauayanprefer beach villas over water. It was gorgeous once we got there. Service was top notch. Upgraded us to 2 bedroom pool villa which was divine.

note: I’d highly recommend staying @ El nido resorts, they have access to EVERYTHING. They are owned by one of wealthiest Filippino families so they have more control over everything - airport (they own the only airline that flies into Palawan), waters (their boats could still travel even though there was a travel ban), and resorts onsite. We were stuck in El Nido town because there was a typhoon warning and hotels were limited. We stayed in hostel that was missing basic amenities - I took a shower while sitting on the toilet. 


Museums + Art + Activities  

- snorkeling 

- island hopping 

- day trip to Coron for diving


Food + Drink

1 day to depart Philippines --> Japan --> USA!

WIP or "writer in progress"

I do not consider myself a writer. It's been a difficult trying to understand my poetic prose. I mean I can put sentences together but I would not consider them eloquent. They are kind of short, and cute, and stocky, and silly - like a minion.  I believe I've had some sort of writer's complex from experiences over the years. Or perhaps it's just brought me to where I am today. You be the judge. 

Case 1. My boss told me I wrote too much. Verbose was the word. What I would write in 3 paragraphs should be condensed to 3 sentences. I would always wonder why my CS emails took me 3x longer than most, and I'd end up having long-winded conversations with people I didn't know or care that much about. I managed to back up the queue by 200 emails because I was too focused on writing a good experience. I was taken off CS soon after that.

Oh, and no exclamation points! You sound like you're YELLING! 

Case 2. In college one of my professors said my writing was "awkward" and recommended that I just try harder. What does that even mean? They obviously didn't know me well. I'm an awkward human and trying harder would only bring forth more awkward.  

I received a B+ in that course. So close to an A but far enough that you couldn't say you nailed it. B could stand for you "you' can do better". 

Case 3. In high school, I paraphrased plenty and considered it "research".  I always felt that my summary of a book was far inferior to that of, well, others. I always struggled to grasp the true meaning of class reads. This was also around that time they had those suspected machines that scanned everyone's papers to investigate whether you plagiarized or not. I would hold my breath every time hoping they couldn't see that cliff notes had their dirty paws all over my papers. 

I never was caught, or at least never repremanded. Perhaps I wasn't the only one, or perhaps my teachers just didn't care. 

Case 4. 4th grade. We dressed up as our ancestors, or something like it. I had on traditional African garb, although all I can say is that my dad's side is from Florida. Seriously. That is what I tell people when people inquire about my race. Anyways we can discuss another time. Each student had to write about his or her experience as immigrants and the best entries would be published. Well, my poem was not chosen, but as a consolation prize I got to read mine aloud to the entire school at mass.

I think I ended up being the big winner for that one :) 

As you can see I've gotten caught up on the judgment (more like an opinion) people pass on my own writing. It's definitely not their fault, but it continues to be an insecurity of mine. But what I've found is that in order for them to understand, I should probably understand my own voice first. I am working on it, so as it stands I am a writer in progress.   




blog log

Blogs are hard, or at least they are for me.  I've started and stopped. Started again (briefly) and stopped. I am not sure what's happened. Perhaps I never got in the habit. Perhaps I was worried about what other people would think.  Or perhaps I just didn't care enough to write anything down.

But for now I am taking this opportunity to have a landing page for my thoughts, however random or wonderful or odd they may be.  I don't plan to win a lit award, be a top blogger with my favorite fashion finds (although I might ramble a few times on my online shopping browsing), or even make sense. But I am ready to do something. 

I promised myself that 29 would be my year. Well I am pretty sure that won't happen unless I actually take action, and give a shit about something. Consider this a turtle step in the right direction.

So get ready for nothing, but everything to me. I will try to be vulnerable, to be consistent and hopefully laugh my way through most of it. You'll come to find laughter can help you get through anything. It feels authentic and it feels light even in the heaviest of moments.

I want to laugh for all of it.